1000 faces


He spoke no English, we laughed we smiled, we had photos and he gave me some bread. I love the 'stan' countries. People are so friendly and the mountains are so big. The  1000 faces will include many of these brilliant people.


The juxtaposition between the cuban cigar, a classic old chap from Havana and the American Boston Redsocks cap is just so apt. He posed for several photographs as I wondered the streets with my camera.


This child's 2 sisters died recently. She is totally unaware of the world she is about to grow into. She has her loving mother and older brother to keep her safe, but virtually no money, shelter or food.


High in the mountains at 11,000 feet this young boy is the picutre of everything that young life in Peru is all about. His eyes tell you his naivety and interest in the world.

more coming soon

I am in the middle of updating this site with thousands of new photographs from my latest expedition. Sit tight, more are on the way.

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