I was just 2 feet from this white rhino in one of the countries biggest wild but monitored areas. A beautiful animal. Everyone was quiet and patient as he stood perfectly still - we assumed posing for photos.


A young cub hums in a deep but childlike tone as he yawns. He then settled down, closed his eyes, flicked some flies away and enjoyed the rest of the early morning sun. His mother was just behind the tree beside him.


A large, old boy, roamed majestically past our small car. Not but the sound of birds, cameras clicking, and the heavy thud of his feet lumbering around the dusty soil. He followed us at some speed for a mile of so before disappearing into a bush


Not the closest I've ever been to a wild cheetah, but that's another story.

This boy is one of 2 in a beautiful pair who roamed around occasionally dipping below the grass line to plan their attack on a gathering of Zebras

more coming soon

I am in the middle of updating this site with thousands of new photographs from my latest expedition. Sit tight, more are on the way.

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