Tin sheds acting as mirrors as the light bounces from one side of the valley to the next. Snowed capped mountains, hot valley floor, and the sun setting over the hills. I remember La Paz well. Thousands of steps, street sellers, and even more lights litter this city. A beautiful place - not that easy for running though.


Pyongyang - the city I still can't understand. The brightly coloured buildings make up for the drab sense of purpose in the city. For 5 days I was conscious what I said, what I did, and who I spoke to. Not scary, just fascinating. 


Hours into the hills, and past many volcanos, alpacas everywhere we rocked up at small outdoor toilet and a shack. I love Peru. I will be back.

more coming soon

I am in the middle of updating this site with thousands of new photographs from my latest expedition. Sit tight, more are on the way.

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