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Hey everyone - thanks for taking the time to have a look through some of my expedition photography. I have all the gear, and virtually no idea. It's a big passion of mine, so I hope you enjoy flicking through them.

I took over 400,000 photos on this expedition. 674 days, covering every single country in the world. There's a lot of sorting, backing up, and editing to get done.

The new updates site will include drop downs for every country, photos for every country and a pretty menu to navigate through my journey.

I'll be slowly updating this site with all the best photos over the next few months. Expect a new update in Jan 2020.

For now, here's a selection of images i like. They are all available for prints and commercial use. Just email me directly on


High above the clouds in Bhutan at 9000 feet there was no sound, no movement, just what existed below. Green and white littered the valley with tiny yet massive trees spearing the space between earth and sky.


11 lions, 4 adults and 7 cubs played under the shade of trees and leg grass. I was as little as 4 meters from them. I was due to turn back 2 hours before meeting this family but the ranger and I pushed on. It was worth the bumpy ride.


Hmm what does this building look like? No not that. My time in North Korea was brilliant, and cold; it snowed in fact. An ordered, neat, very clean, dark place. Dark in the atmospheric sense, with little to no heart. A place of perspective.


I have been fortunate to visit many cities and states in the US as part of the expedition and Chicago was one of my favourites. I hunted for 2 hours fo the perfect train shot. I climbed up onto the roof of a car park and dangled out to grab this shot of this commuter train snaking around the mirror buildings.

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